Machining Services

EDM Wire

Our precision EDM Wire machines can shape almost any conductive material. EDM can cut complex shapes and thin-walled configurations without distortion. It is an excellent process for delicate and/or fragile parts that can not take the stress of traditional machining. EDM is a no-contact and no-force process that leaves no burrs.

EDM Wire Sample Parts


15-5PH Stainless Steel, 303 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Parts

CNC Milling

Our 3-axis and 4-axis milling machines are extremely precise. CNC milling can shape most materials, regardless of conductivity. 

CNC Milling Sample Parts

Gold Plated Brass


CNC Turning

CNC Lathes are excellent for producing cylindrical parts. Our high-tech CNC lathes can reach very precise tolerances.

CNC Turning Sample Parts

Hard Anodized Aluminum

Middle Part is 15-5PH Stainless Steel          Other Parts are Titanium

Other Machining

Green Flash Machine offers most other machining methods such as grinding, drilling, and sawing. 

Other Machining Sample Parts

15-5 Stainless Steel

Copper Soldering Tip Pressed into a 304 Stainless Steel Tube