May 18, 2023

August 31, 2020

Operations Manager

"Green Flash Machine is reliable and produces spectacular work. Friendly staff and dependable!"
August 31, 2020

Office/Operations Manager

"Always satisfied with Green Flash Machine. They are reliable, produce great work and the staff is great to work with! "
August 31, 2020

Business Partner at AST

"Bill Wheeler has been fabricating our company's precision-machined parts for over 16 years. He does excellent work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend the Green Flash Machine Shop."
August 27, 2020

"I’ve run a production machine shop since the Dark Ages before CNC. For nearly 20 years Bill Wheeler has been my single source for the wire work we require for a family of repeat jobs. He has been absolutely dependable. He is innovative in developing fixtures and methods to insure the best results. Like myself he has the small shop advantage wherein he is personally in touch with every job. When a customer calls, he is immediately available with all the answers. I am totally confident my work in his shop will get done right, on time, and for the right price."
Green Flash Machine LLC