EDM Wire Cutting in Spring Valley, CA

Green Flash Machine LLC is your source for precision EDM wire cutting in Spring Valley, San Diego, and Homelands, CA. Using our EDM wire machines, we can easily cut complex shapes and configurations without distorting the final products.

Our knowledgeable machining team boasts the tools and experience needed to shape almost any conductive material to meet your needs. Here are some of the materials that can be cut with ease using precision EDM:

EMD Wire Cutting
  • 15-5PH Stainless Steel
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

How it works

EDM Wire Cutting

At our machine shop in San Diego, CA, we provide EDM wire cutting as an alternative to traditional machining. With this technique, electrical discharge between the EDM wire and the work piece results in sparks that can cut virtually any electrically conducive material, removing microscopic particles and shaping the part.

Because EDM is a no-force, no-stress process that uses a thin wire instead of a blade, it’s useful for machining parts and components that require a higher degree of accuracy.

Benefits of Precision EDM

CNC-controlled and automated, EDM requires little human intervention once the program has been executed. We can achieve precise, flawless results that aren’t subject to user error. In this sense, EDM is ideal for machining parts with thin walls, tight slots, tiny features and odd shapes.

Additionally, EDM wire cutting is faster than other machining processes. Because parts produced with EDM are immune to burrs and distortion, we can typically manufacture them with a one-step process. The end result is that you save both time and money on the way to market!

As a bonus, this technology results in less waste than other techniques, since the spark melts away dust particles and cuttings.

Book an EDM Wire Cutting Consultation

When you’re manufacturing intricate or delicate parts, accuracy is essential. Contact us or give us a call at 619-749-1869 to schedule a consultation for EDM wire cutting or CNC machining with our team. We take pride in delivering the highest-quality products faster than the competition.