CNC Machining in Spring Valley, CA

Green Flash Machine LLC is your source for custom machining parts in Spring Valley, San Diego, and Homelands, CA. We utilize multiple machining methods, including grinding, milling, drilling and sawing, to help clients develop products and prototypes for a wide range of applications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable machining team.

  • Precision Machining Capabilities

    Computer numerical control (CNC) machining, refers to a computer-assisted manufacturing process that utilizes machine tools to shape a workpiece according to the customer’s specifications. Our team utilizes sophisticated equipment to perform various types of CNC machining in San Diego, CA, and beyond. Here are two of the precision machining services we offer to optimize cutting times and ensure the best end results:

    • CNC milling: Our team uses computerized controlling and multi-point cutting tools to shape a workpiece based on a custom design. Utilizing our highly precise 3-axis and 4-axis milling machines, our team of CNC milling specialists can shape almost any material, regardless of conductivity.
    • CNC turning: To produce cylindrical parts, we use high-tech CNC lathes with the capacity to reach precise tolerances. The CNC turning process is ideal for shaping hard materials.

    We also use high-speed, high-precision CNC lathing and other machining techniques to create quality parts using an array of metals. Designed to cut and shape pieces according to your specifications, our general metalworking services include grinding, drilling and sawing.

  • Custom Machining Parts We Manufacture

    We manufacture an array of tools and prototypes to help clients across various industries. Here are some of the many parts we create with our cutting-edge machining services:

    • Cylindrical parts
    • Custom machine parts
    • Underwater manufacturing parts
    • Medical device parts
    • Defense industry parts

Need Custom Machining Services?

At Green Flash Machine LLC, we use CNC machining and other processes to create a wide range of custom machining parts and tools based on our clients’ unique needs. Call 619-749-1869 today to schedule an appointment with our expert machining and EDM wire cutting pros.